Sam Presents

Hiya! My name is Sam Matucheski, I'm a developer and musician. This website is kind of meant to be portfolio, I hope you like it. I sorta like it. I don't like writing bios for myself, nor am I the best at visual design but hey I made this site anyways.

I've got a BS in Computer Science. I primarily develop in C#, C++, and JavaScript. Sometimes I dabble in totally useful but fun things like 6502 assembly, the allure of old school tech as mystical and mesmerizing as a 14th century motet.

I've also got a BA in Music. I'm a saxophonist who also tries to compose his own music while doing some arranging as well. Most of the programs I write also tend to involve music.

If you would like to contact me, hit me up at my email: sammatucheski at gmail dot com or my Twitter at sammatucheski.

Currently I am back in school to get my certification for instrumental and general music education.

Sam Sax